An Australian Open Tennis Game Is Being Developed By Melbourne’s Big Ant Studios

The Australian Classification Board has lifted the lid on a new tennis game that is being developed by Melbourne’s Big Ant Studios. It’s called AO Tennis (presumably Australian Open Tennis) and has been rated G.

Big Ant have been responsible for games such as Rugby League Live, older AFL games and more recently, the Ashes Cricket game which is actually really good.

Nothing outside of this is known about the game. It’s listed for PC on the classification, but usually Big Ant games come to PS4/Xbox One first and PC later. It can also be expected that it will release early next due to the fact that it is almost certainly based on the Australian Open.

I’m absolutely chuffed and can’t wait to see it in action. We haven’t had a tennis game on the PS4/Xbox One and Big Ant has really improved as a developer in recent years, so no doubt they’ll give it a good crack.