The Last Of Us 2 Is Roughly 50-60% Finished

At PlayStation Experience, Neil Druckmann spoke a little bit more about the The Last Of Us 2 including the setting, a bit about how much of the game is done and when we’ll be seeing the game next.

In terms of how much the game is completed, Druckmann said that “we’ve hated off a bunch of a levels… We’re at like 50 to 60 percent completed? I don’t know how far”.

I know that this figure is sort of vague, but I’m kind of surprised that the project is that far completed. I’d say that the game will be on track for a late 2019 release at this stage.

Interestingly enough, the game takes part in Seattle. Druckmann also confirmed that the game would be at E3. I’d guess that this is the first time we’ll see some gameplay, most likely in the form of an epic set piece.

You can watch the entire panel, which is quite fascinating below.