Spider-Man Is Releasing In September Exclusively On PS4

Insomniac Games and PlayStation has today announced that Spider-Man is releasing on September 7th. It’s a little bit earlier than expected, but makes sense to get it into shops before some of the other large releases of Holiday 2018.

When questioned on Twitter about the exclusivity of the title, Insomniac Games confirmed that it was a full PS4 exclusive with Sony fully packing production of the game. It’s important to note that Sony also owns the rights to the Spider-Man movie rights, so it does make sense that Marvel approached them to create the game.

There were also a bunch of brand new details revealed in the new Game Informer issue. Here’s a few little interesting tidbits.

  • You start off with the traditional suit
  • They don’t explain the white spider, but do explain some aspects of the new suit, the red parts on the suit are made for armor reinforcement, where he might get hit the most and the blue parts are used for flexibility in order to traverse easier
  • It’s fast and fluid
  • Spider-Man jumps from one enemy to the next with ease
  • All about giving the player choices; webbing up and using items, fighting enemies in the air, using gadgets, finishing moves.
  • The city is densely packed with people and life. Saying that none of the details disappear when they are at a distance
  • Can interact with citizens; take selfies with them, high five, finger guns
  • Definitely Marvel’s Universe; Avengers building, Wakandan Embassy
  • Gain experience for doing various tasks; finding landmarks, combat, exploration.
  • Various traversal upgrades; swing speed, faster launching