There Are No Plans For God Of War DLC

Cory Barlog, the Director of God of War has revealed on the Kinda Funny Spoilercast that there is currently no plans to release DLC for God Of War.

In relation to being asked about there being no DLC for the game, Barglog said:

“That’s the plan. I don’t have any DLC plans. I didn’t want DLC to feel like, oh well I’ll save this for DLC. I didn’t save anything. We didn’t leave anything on the field, we put it all in there”.

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He went on to say that the realms that were in the game, but couldn’t be accessed are a part of wider plans.

I highly recommend watching the spoilercast below, but definitely do not watch until you’ve finished the game. I’ve timestamped the specific part about DLC (1:00:15), but it heads into spoilers fairly quickly.