Bethesda Is Teasing Something Big On Twitter

Bethesda has begun teasing something on Twitter in the early hours of this morning.

First up was a photo of Big Ben with purple markings clearly indicating a time (and date?). Next up was a rocket ship exiting earth with the same purple tones used to illustrate the smoke. This suggests something space related (obviously).

It’s hard to know what they’re teasing. We’ve been waiting for Bethesda to reveal the highly teased Starfield which is essentially a new Bethesda Game Studios RPG that’s being compared to Fallout in Space, and we know that a Rage 2 listing was leaked this week (before Bethesda gave it a lot of attention).

People are suggesting that the purple hues in the photo match the Rage tweet where they edited Walmart’s listing with pink objects, but the images that we’re seeing don’t really match that of Rage.