PlayStation Is Looking For An Aussie To Train A Detroit Android

PlayStation Australia has put the call out for a Sydney resident to spend the day playing with (or training) a CyberLife Android.

They’ll literally pay one lucky person $500 do the below with a CyberLife Android from the upcoming Detroit: Become Human.

  • Teaching the CyberLife Android to perform basic tasks correctly
  • Minding the CyberLife Android whilst they integrate with society
  • Troubleshooting CyberLife Android responses to simple instructions
  • Recording the reactions of members of the public on meeting our CyberLife Android

Honestly, I’m not really sure if it’s an actual Android, but it’ll be worth it for the money and experience alone.

You can check out the AirTasker listing right here. It looks like the person needs to be in Sydney and they also want someone with a dog.