Spider-man’s Collector’s Edition Statue Apparently Spoils The Game

Insomniac’s Community Manager James Stevenson has revealed that the Spider-Man Collector’s Edition statue will not be revealed before launch. This is apparently largely due to the fact that it obviously contains some massive spoilers for the game.

He took to Twitter to urge fans not to look at the statue before they’ve finished the game, going on to say that it’ll be separated from the rest of the contents in the Collector’s Edition.

When the Collector’s Edition was unveiled initially, it was thought that the statue wasn’t finalised and that’s why it hadn’t been shown off. 

There’s lots of theories about what the statue could contain. It’s most likely character related, but even then, there’s that many cameo appearances that could take part in this game, that it’s really anybody’s guess. I still can’t think of a time where players were urged not to look at the games packaging in order to keep something secret.

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Spider-Man is just a few weeks away. It launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7th.