People Are Saying Apex Legends Looks Like CliffyB’s Last Two Games

With Apex Legends rolling out today and, to a degree, blending the hero shooter and battle royale genres together into a delightful cocktail, it has opened the door somewhat for some savage folk online to tweet at Lawbreakers creator, and now retired developer, Cliff Bleszinski with some small amount of shade (depending on which way you look at it).

Lawbreakers, of course, suffered an unfortunate yet highly publicised decline in its player base after launch which, despite a great reception from critics, led to the game’s servers being shut off about a year post-launch. Toward the end of Boss Key, they did throw their hat into the battle royale ring with Radical Heights, which garnered a small userbase, but it was ultimately too little, too late.

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Cliff Bleszinski surfaced online in the afterglow of Apex Legends’ launch with a screenshot he’d taken from Instagram. A user had captioned, “Apex Legends looks amazing” and accompanied it with a screenshot from Lawbreakers.

This hit a bit of a sore spot for Cliff, it seems.

Fortunately, Cliff seems to be glad for his friends at Respawn so there’s no bad blood there. It’s just as a case of the internet doing its thing.

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