Disney Seems Happy With EA Continuing To Develop Star Wars Games

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger revealed during their earnings call this morning (held at the same time as EAs coincidentally) that they were fairly happy with continuing to license out the Star Wars license in a video game space.

First reported by Variety, Iger said that Disney has a “good relationship” with EA and has no interest in returning to video games from a self developing perspective.

“We’re good at making films and television shows and theme parks and cruise ships and the like, we’ve just never managed to demonstrate much skill on the publishing side of games,” Iger said in a response to a question about their current video game development state.

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“Since we’re allocating capital in other directions … we’ve just decided that the best place for us to be in that space is licensing and not publishing. We’ve had good relationships with some of those we’re licensing to, notably EA and the relationship on the Star Wars properties, and we’re probably going to stay on that side of the business and put our capital elsewhere.” continued Iger.