Seven New Sony Published PS4 Games Were Just Announced

PlayStation China today held a press conference in Beijing to announce seven new games that are apart of a new Sony initiative called ‘China Hero Project’ in which they’ll fund and publish seven Chinese developed games for PS4 both in China and Globally.

From this, we got seven new PlayStation 4 game announcements and they all look pretty damn good. ZhugeEX over at ResetEra has provided a description of each game which you can also find below.

These games all look pretty damn interesting, and it’s great to see Sony funding some smaller titles.

  • Evotinction – A person ‘Hack and Stealth game”
  • In Nightmare – A horror adventure game
  • RAN: Lost Islands – A cold-weapon survival game
  • Convallaria – An online game focusing on player-versus-enemy and player-versus-player elements
  • AI-Limit – An action RPG
  • F.I.S.T – A dieselpunk Metroidvania game
  • ANNO Mulantionem – A cyberpunk action RPG