Battle For Neighborville’s Founder’s Edition Is Cheaper Than The Retail Release

With Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville releasing today for those who decide to adopt the Founder’s Edition, it’s probably important to know the benefits of signing on for the game’s six-week rollout of content that leads up to the retail release on October 18. The Founder’s Edition of the game will set you back $50, but when it releases in stores in October, you’ll have to fork out $60.

As noted in the initial reveal, this particular early-access pack is digital-only. Over the six weeks, players will gradually be granted access to the game’s twenty fully customisable character classes, one social hub and three free-roam regions. Online modes like Ops and six multiplayer modes, including Battle Arena, will also be playable with split-screen couch co-op on offer for those with real-life green-thumbed friends.

Of course, it’s not enough to get to play the game six weeks before everybody else, Founding Neighbors will earn exclusive cosmetic rewards for the first month of the calendar. These include vanities for Snapdragon, All-Star Zombie and fan-favourite Peashooter and they’ll be awarded once a week at log-in.

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PopCap also shed some light on the exact plan for the six-week rollout.

PVZ Content Map

The key selling point for Battle for Neighborville’s Founder’s Edition is that it’s actually cheaper than the game will be at launch.

It’s not often you see these kinds of programs incentivised at a lower price, but that speaks volumes to how much PopCap value giving their most dedicated fans a platform to have their voice heard and get involved in shaping the games they love.

So not only is it cheaper, but it’ll seamlessly achieve feature-parity with its more expensive retail counterpart at no extra cost to early adopters. Plus unlike a lot of early access programs, any progress you make in Battle for Neighborville will carry over into the game’s full release.