A New Batman Game Featuring The Court Of Owls Looks To Be On The Way

WarnerBros Montreal has Tweeted for the first time in four years to celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary.

Some eager eyes have caught the fact that the four symbols can be seen in the later parts of the videos, prompting everyone to believe that a new Batman game looks to be on the way from WB Games Montreal featuring The Court of Owls.

It’s not clear at this point when we’ll see the announcement, but Sony’s State of Play stream that’s taking place on Wednesday morning could be a safe bet, otherwise we might have to wait for The Game Awards in December.

This has been rumoured for some months, but if there’s any doubt, Scott Snyder (one of the most popular Comic writers) tweeted out that something is coming along with the #BeWareTheOwls. He has since deleted this, obviously realising that it was a bit too much of a dead giveaway.

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