The MediEvil Remake Contains The Full Original PS1 Game

The MediEvil remake launched only two days ago and it seems somebody has already been savvy and efficient enough to crack the game wide open.

Fans of the original will have noticed that the remake has a new type of collectible called Lost Souls. These are unlocked for collection towards the end of the game, offering players some replay value for the main story. But what happens when you collect them all? You unlock the original MediEvil game. That’s right, the OG, warts and all, as it appeared on Playstation in 1998.

As seen above, the game is selectable from the main menu after the collection and completion of all the Lost Souls.

We’re unable to locate any footage as of yet for it, but kudos to powerhouse guide creator PowerPyx discovered the unlockable earlier this week.

We reviewed MediEvil earlier this week and enjoyed it. You can read our review HERE.