Outlast 3 Could Be Getting Announced Soon

Earlier this week we reported that Outlast II would be titles for November. Today, developers of the Outlast franchise, Red Barrels teased an upcoming announcement that looks like it could be a new game set in the Outlast universe.

The post was featured on Red Barrels’ official Twitter page as well as the Outlast Facebook page, leading us to believe that it is indeed something to do with the next installment in the series. In 2017, following the release of Outlast II, the developer confirmed that they would be making Outlast III at some point but that it would be a departure from the first two titles, offering fans of the series a distinct experience.

There is already plenty of speculation surrounding the inbound announcement, including an interesting observation about the tag around the wrist in the lower portion of the promo image. As far as we can tell, the tag reads “MK-3293??”, perhaps a nod to the infamous CIA mind control experiments known as Project MK-Ultra, which took place in the mid to late twentieth century.

Though any speculation should be taken with a reasonably sizable grain of salt at this point, it’s fun to theorise about where the franchise might be heading in (hopefully) the near future!

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