A Target Store Is Selling Shenmue 3 Two Days Early

It’s been a while since we’ve had an old fashioned street date break in Australia, but that’s a definite possibility with Shemue 3. The game isn’t out till Tuesday, but an Australian store is already selling it.

A reader has advised us that he walked into a Target store in Canberra earlier today, saw Shenmue 3 on the shelf and was able to purchase it with absolutely no issues.

Street date breaks used to happen in Australia (and around the world) frequently, but sale stoppages have been put in place at the point of sale, so it’s unclear what has happened here. Maybe the store or publisher hasn’t deemed it as a high risk game, so there may have not been a restriction outside of a label on the box.

As it’s Sunday night at 8pm, we can’t confirm if other stores are selling the game yet.