PlayStation Now Could Be Coming To Australia

PlayStation Now, which is Sony’s on demand service that rivals both Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia could be coming to Australia sooner than we think.

A reader noticed a massive billboard for the service on the Australian PlayStation Store. We loaded up our PS4 and noticed the same thing. Currently, clicking through tells you that ‘this content cannot be selected at this time’.

Now obviously this could just be a simple mistake, but with a State of Play event happening mid next week, and Xbox Game Pass having gained momentum of the last 18 months, there’s no doubt that Sony will be wanting to roll out PlayStation Now to other markets. Whilst the service does offer streaming (it needs 5MBPS down at the least) which could struggle in Australia, Sony recently added a download game option, similar to that of Xbox Game Pass.

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Currently, there’s over 800 games available to stream with 300 of them available to download. This includes PS4 games, PS3 games and PS2 classics. The service cost $9.99 USD a month in America.