Dreams PS4

This Dreams Creation Is Absolutely Gorgeous And I Hardly Believe It’s Real

It’s no secret that there’s some insane creations in Dreams since the game came out a month or two ago. It’s been well documented by us HERE and HERE. 

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across this pretty looking rain forest, that caught my attention. I watched a few seconds of the video before realising that it was actually a Dreams creation.

Everything from the lighting, to the detail in the mud and flora looks more realistic than I’ve seen in any other Dreams creation (and most other games for that matter). It was created by none other than user ‘Badrobo82’. He’s spent the last few months building these kind of serene creations which will eventually form some kind of game.

He’s also got a bunch of other creations on his Dreams profile which you can find HERE.

For Motorstorm fans, he’s also creating a pretty faithful Motorstorm Dream, which makes sense given the lovely forest scenery he’s currently building. You can see that below:

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