Returnal Is Housemarque’s Newest And Most Ambitious Game Yet

Housemarque has today officially abandoned their arcade shooter roots and revealed Returnal for Playstation 5.  The game is a third-person shooter that feels like Edge of Tomorrow meets Groundhog Day meets Metroid, throwing a lone astronaut of sorts into a cycle where she crashes, fights some monsters, inevitably dies, and then comes back to life.

The trailer showcased a great sense of isolation as well as a weird menagerie of creatures to discover and presumably hunt.

This looks to be a game for anyone who’s a fan of a roguelike – as with every death the planet will change it’s properties to offer a new experience with the beginning of each cycle.

The game also will make use of the DualSense adaptive triggers as well as the much talked about 3D audio capabilities of the PS5.

There’s not much more we know about Returnal, but you can check out the trailer below:

Returnal is releasing exclusively for Playstation 5, but a date hasn’t been announced just yet.