Metacritic User REviews

Metacritic Has Changed Its User Review System After The Last Of Us Part II Review Bombing

After the complete insanity that were The Last Of Us Part II user reviews on Metacritic, the critic aggregate website has now changed its user review policy.

It appears that though user reviews will only begin 24-48 hours after a game launches (based on US time). For instance, you still can’t review Ghost of Tsushima or Paper Mario: The Origami King, which both advise users to come back at 5am Sunday morning (Australian time) and asks gamers to spend time playing the game.

In the spot that the user review section would normally be in, the message reads: Please spend some time playing the game. Come back to review it starting at 12:00pm PST on July 18.

The Last Of Us Part II user reviews started out insanely negative in the lead-up to launch but now with a whopping 127427 user reviews, it sits at a 5.5 user review score (up from the subpar 3 that it was sitting at when the game launched).