Fall Guys

Fall Guys Would Make The Perfect PlayStation Plus Game For August And It Looks To Be A Possibility

You’ve probably seen a little game called Fall Guys absolutely dominate social media this weekend (I haven’t stopped Tweeting about it after spending eight hours straight playing it yesterday) and it’s for good reason.

The game is essentially a cutesy styled Takeshi’s Castle style game where you load into an arena with 59 other players before putting yourself through a series of ridiculously over the top obstacle course type challenges until there’s only one person remaining.

The game is ridiculously easy to pick up and play and even better with friends, which would make it the perfect PlayStation Plus game. In the same vein as Rocket League, it’s a game that would absolutely explode if featured on PlayStation Plus and I feel like there’s a decent chance it’s going to be in August’s lineup.

The game comes out on August 4th (on PC and PS4), and it’s ranking high up in the Steam charts, but oddly enough, you cannot pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store. You’d think this weekend would be the biggest pre-release push for the game considering it’s in beta, so to not have gamers be able to pre-order the game is an odd one.

Let’s head to the next piece of evidence, where the official Fall Guys account tweeted that they’d have some very exciting news in the coming weeks for PlayStation fans.

Just to drive this home even further, in response to a disgruntled fan that asked why they couldn’t pre-order the game on PlayStation, the Fall Guys account again directed them to this same tweet.

This could end up not being true, and regardless of whether the game ends up being on PlayStation Plus or not, it’s 100% worth your time. It’s going to come in at about $30 which is definitely not a small amount of money to part with, but I can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth in a couple of sessions.

You might even run into Sony’s former President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, like I did.

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