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Sonic Rumble Is A Fall Guys-Style Multiplayer Royale Coming To Mobile This Year

It rings familiar.

A while back, a trailer leaked for a new Sonic the Hedgehog-themed multiplayer game which was (at the time) titled Sonic Toys Party. This trailer looked to be an unfinished internal asset and, according to known leakers, was from quite an build of the game.

Fast-forward to today, and SEGA has officially lifted the lid on that project with the game now titled Sonic Rumble, and confirmed that it’s a mobile-only, 32-player multiplayer action game in a similar vein to Fall Guys with players speeding their way through elimination rounds made up of bite-sized stages. Here, of course, they look a lot more like the kinds of 3D and 2D stages you’d see in a more mainline Sonic the Hedgehog game, which should give this a bit of an interesting edge. Naturally, the game will have a heavy live service element with currency to earn and spend on unlocking new gear for your characters. Based on the reveal trailer there seems to be a good variety of faces from across Sonic history involved, as well.

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The game is slated to arrive this summer for iOS and Android devices, and for anyone keen to try it out even earlier, a closed beta test will be happening between May 24th and May 26th on both platforms.

Sign-ups for the Sonic Rumble Closed Beta are on now, and will close on May 19th, so if you’re interested you can head to the registration page right here and throw your hat in the ring.

“On your mark, get set…PLAY! Get ready to race in the all-new Sonic Rumble! Jump into a speedy, 32-person mobile royale set in a cheery toy world created by Dr. Eggman. Play as some of your favorite characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe complete with customization to create your perfect avatar as you dive into action-packed gameplay.”