DualSense controller

More Details On The DualSense Controller And PS5 Accessories Have Been Revealed

PlayStation has provided 360 degree looks at the DualSense Controller and all other PS5 accessories alongside a bunch of new information about each of the product.

The 360 degree view of the DualSense controller confirms that it has no back paddles. It was long thought that it would have some kind of back paddles (like the Xbox One Elite controller) after the reveal of the DualShock Back Button Attachment. It’s also been confirmed that the DualSense controller will receive firmware updates (similar to that of the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch controllers).

Sony has also teased that the new Create button on the controller might do more than just sharing photos/videos. “create” offers players more ways to produce gaming content and broadcast their adventures live to the world. No battery life information is confirmed at this stage.

The HD camera will record in 1080p, include a built-in stand and allow you to remove the background from behind you. It’ll allow the background to be cropped out, or if you’ve got a green screen it’ll allow you to get rid of it completely.

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The pulse 3D headset will feature dual noise-cancelling microphones, USB-C charging and deliver 3D audio through the Tempest 3D engine. Easy access controls on the headset will include a built in mic button, master volume and in-game audio chat mix controls and dedicated mic monitoring. It’ll have a 12 hour battery life and include a 3.5mm jack.

When it comes to the media remote, the remote will let you control your TV using the built-in IR transmitter of your TV as well as the PS5 console.