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The PS5 Pro Seems Closer Than Ever With Developers Reportedly Getting Their Games Ready

Things are heating up!

Rumblings that a souped-up PS5 Pro console could be launching in 2024 have gained traction once again after The Verge’s Tom Warren has claimed to have obtained a list of full specs for the upcoming mid-generation refresh from unnamed sources.

Not only that, but the senior editor’s sources have also claimed that developers are being encouraged to start working on PS5 Pro enhancements now, with a focus on improved ray-tracing features and with certifications beginning in just a few months time.

“I understand developers are able to order test kits right now and that Sony is expecting every game submitted to certification in August to be compatible with the PS5 Pro,” Warren says in his report, suggesting that the first slate of PS5 Pro-certified games could certainly be launching as early as this year.

The report also says that the existing PS5 console will continue on alongside the Pro model and that Sony expects developers to offer a single game SKU for titles moving forward that works across both.

Reiterating what prior claims have suggested, Warren says that the biggest bump in spec for the PS5 Pro is in the GPU, which is around 45% faster than standard PS5. It’ll also possess improved ray-tracing architecture and be supported by PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution or PSSR, Sony’s own frame generation/upscaling technology that takes advantage of a new “custom architecture for machine learning” on the Pro.

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On the CPU side, as previously reported, it’s the same CPU as the standard PS5 but now allows for a special high-frequency mode that can take allocate a slightly higher portion of power to the CPU for about a 10% bump up in speed, at the expense of a roughly 1% drop in performance from the GPU (according to Sony). This could come in handy for titles that are though to be largely CPU-limited like Dragon’s Dogma, where the extra GPU overhead – even reduced by 1% – plus stronger CPU performance could potentially smooth out the experience considerably.

Devs will allegedly also get access to more of the PS5’s system memory and at higher speeds, bumping up from 12.5GB allocated to games on the standard PS5 to 13.7GB and at a 28% higher speed of 576GB/s.

All of this pretty much lines up perfectly with what’s already been outlined by sites like Insider Gaming, although one of the earliest supposed leakers of the PS5 Pro, Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube, has had their video removed thanks to a copyright claim. Do with that information what you will: