Fast and Furious

Fast & Furious Crossroads Is Out Today With No Reviews In Sight But Here’s Some Gameplay Footage

Fast & Furious Crossroads is out today, but you wouldn’t be blamed for not even knowing. Right now, there isn’t a single review on Metacritic (or literally any written review on the internet that I can find).

As of now, you can walk into a store and buy it (unless you’re in Victoria), but you’d likely have no idea what you’re getting into, because outside of one gameplay trailer, we haven’t got too much information about the game.

Gameplay footage has started popping onto YouTube overnight, and honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. Sure, the graphics look a bit outdated, but it doesn’t look broken or unplayable by any stretch. The game definitely looks the worst when it’s not in motion, particularly in cutscenes, but during regular gameplay, it’s definitely passable.