Fast & Furious Crossroads

The First Fast & Furious Crossroads Reviews Are Absolutely Brutal

Last week we wrote about the fact that Fast & Furious Crossroads released to a lack of fanfare, and it seems like it was for good reason. reviews have started tricking out over the weekend, and so far it has four 3/10 reviews.

Worrying signs for the game started after the gameplay trailer was released a month or so ago. Review code was not sent out to outlets ahead of release.

Game Reactor gave it a 3/10 calling it the worst game of the year and said: Being a studio that in recent years has given us great games like Project Cars and Project Cars 2, it feels really tragic that Slightly Mad has sunk so incomprehensibly low. There is no doubt in my mind that Fast & Furious Crossroads is the worst game of the year so far. Don’t touch it, not even with a dipstick.

Eurogamer gave the game a ‘Eurogamer Avoid’ and said: I wouldn’t be reaching into my pocket to hand over any amount of money for the rest of it any time soon either. Perhaps the biggest frustration, coming to Crossroads as a Fast & Furious fan, is those glimpses of what could have been, and seeing an enjoyable enough slice of series lore being under-served so severely by the game behind it. In a saner, less cruel world Crossroads might have been put to rest when it became clear it just wasn’t going to work – as it is, it’s just been left to limp out in this sorry, sorry state. What a disappointment.

Push Square gave it a 3/10 and said: How Fast & Furious Crossroads wound up as a full-price release will forever remain a mystery. It is lacking in every department possible, from shallow and repetitive gameplay through to abysmal visuals that belong on the previous generation of consoles. Not even the most committed Fast & Furious fans should subject themselves to this monstrosity. That is unless you want to have a good laugh alongside Vin Diesel.

GameSpew gave it a 3/10 and said: Fast & Furious Crossroads is a serious disappointment. There’s a gleam of the franchise’s over-the-top action now and again, and some of the cutscenes hint at the cheesy humour the movies are known for. But those moments are few and far between. Underwhelming visuals and uninspiring mission design stop Fast & Furious Crossroads from being a good game – but it’s the terrible, terrible handling that relegate it into ‘bad’ territory.

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