PS5 External HD

External Hard Drive Support For PS5 Games Will Potentially Come In A Later PS5 Update

Last week, we wrote about the fact that the PS5 currently did not allow you to store PS5 games on an external hard drive, meaning that there’d be no way to expand to PS5 storage at launch.

That all seems like it could change in a future update. In a blog post this morning, Sony said that they were exploring PS5 games being stored on external hard drives.

“On day one, you’ll be able to connect a compatible USB drive and use it to store and play your PS4 games. You’ll be able to play PS4 games while they remain stored on the external device. PS5 games need to reside on PS5’s internal SSD before play.” Sony said.

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“No, players cannot transfer PS5 games to a USB drive. PS5 games must be stored on the console’s internal ultra-high speed SSD for gameplay. Explorations for allowing players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB drive in a future update are underway.”

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