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Vodafone Is Still Taking PS5 Orders For December Delivery

UPDATE: Now that PS5 stock prior to Christmas has well and truly dried up, we have confirmed with Vodafone that they still have stock for delivery in December of both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. As a reminder, you will need to either call them or live chat in order to sign up, and you need two active Vodafone services (worth looking into prepaid services for this).

Vodafone and PlayStation have announced that you’ll be able to get a PS5 on a 12, 24, or 36 month plan through Vodafone starting tomorrow. Both PS5 units (digital and disc edition) will be available as well as the DualSense controller and the Media Remote.

You will pay no interest on top of your console repayment, but you will need at least two Vodafone services in order to add a PS5 to your account (mobile/tablet/nbn). These will be available to order tomorrow through calling 1300 728 637 and ready for pickup in stores by December 15th.

Customers are limited to purchasing one PS5 and two DualSense controllers in any transaction.

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  • PS5 12 Months – $62 per month
  • PS5 24 Months – $31 per month
  • PS5 36 months – $21 per month

Vodafone’s General Manager, Arthur Panos had the below to say about the new partnership: 

“We are excited about partnering with PlayStation Australia to offer our customers the chance to get the hotly anticipated PlayStation 5 through Vodafone before Christmas,” he said.

“In the future the partnership with Sony will play a key role in helping Vodafone expand its product lines that directly interface with existing telecommunication services. Coupled with one of our Vodafone nbn services, Sony’s gaming products can open up endless educational, recreational and communication possibilities for our customers and we’re looking forward to seeing it come to life.”

Just in case you’re still after a PS5, a number of retail stores will also be selling stock online tomorrow. You can find out more about that HERE.

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