PlayStation VR

The New PlayStation VR Bundles Are PS5 Compatible Out Of The Box

One of the most surprising revelations that came out of reveal of the PS5 ports was that there was no PlayStation camera port. This is a fairly big deal as it’s necessary for PlayStation VR and the PS5 camera does not work with PlayStation VR.

For those that have PlayStation VR, you could fill out a form to get sent an adaptor for free, but we can now confirm that all new PlayStation VR bundles come with the PS5 adaptor, making it PS5 compatible out of the box.

As of now, there’s two PlayStation VR bundles that will have the adaptor included. The Starter Pack which includes a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation camera and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds and the PlayStation VR Mega Pack which includes the headset, camera and five games (Astro Bot Recue Mission, Everybody’s Golf VR, Moss, Blood & Truth and PlayStation Worlds).

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This definitely raises questions over the longevity of the current PlayStation VR unit. It seems as though we’ll be waiting a while before a V2 of PlayStation VR if it happens at all.