Here’s Why You Should Check Out Godfall On PlayStation 5



With the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the rearview for the lucky buyers who managed to snag one, many are still bound to be contemplating just which of the launch games they’re planning on diving into. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales lets players explore a snow-capped New York, Demon’s Souls brings its brand of diabolical and unforgiving difficulty, and Sackboy’s hessian heroics are great for families. 

One that may have slipped under the radar is Godfall, a high-fantasy, epic hack and slash looter from Counterplay Games, a launch title for PlayStation 5 and a console exclusive to boot. 

The Stunning Visuals

The first thing that’ll be immediately evident is that Godfall is a tremendously gorgeous game and it’s perhaps the looker of the launch line-up. It certainly looks next-gen, thanks to its strong art direction that really leans into the epic, god-like designs of each available Valorplate—the shimmering armour that the world’s knights wear. 

Godfall, like so many of the launch window titles, affords players the options of both performance and fidelity and I think most are bound to jump back and forth between the two because although it’s clearly slick and fluid in one, it’s really gorgeous in the other. If only we could have the best of both worlds.

Godfall Visuals

The game’s incredibly distinct art style is one of its major strengths. It’s a grandiose, gladiatorial high-fantasy that stands out as one of the launch’s most-expensive looking games. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the game is an absolutely fantastic showcase of HDR, so if you’re looking for one game to impress visually, this is it.

Combat loop

As mentioned in our review, the game’s core gameplay loop is one of its standout features and that, clearly, comes off of the back of the game’s focus on melee combat. 


The game’s skill tree is pretty vast and will leave people feeling a bit spoiled for choice in their planning on spending skill points to spec out their knight. Fortunately, Godfall is super flexible and never leaves players married to their decisions, offering the option to re-spec instantly and explore all of the options.

It’s a great user-friendly decision that ensures players will be able to drink up all of what Godfall has to offer before settling into what truly works for them. 

The Loot

Counterplay has put exhaustive effort in ensuring that each piece of loot is something worth striving for. Described by the team as a “tinkerer’s dream,” the one word I’d use to encapsulate the loot in Godfall is variety.

Not only are there over 100 weapons to play around with in Godfall, but the self-proclaimed looter-slasher also offers a lot of options for kitting out knights with hard-earned loot. Although it isn’t a case of ‘all sizzle, no steak’ as Godfall boasts a lot of depth in its loot systems.

Godfall Loot

This isn’t limited to the knight’s armour pieces. There are also have rings, charms, amulets, and plenty more—all of which help keep players engaged through a lot of surprisingly deep stats while making the hunt for loot a meaningful one.  

With several play styles already on offer through the abilities afforded through Valorplates, there’s so many different combinations to play around with. Settle into a signature style of your own and master it as you reach the summit of your journey. 

Play With Friends

Like all good loot-happy games—be it Borderlands, Destiny or even Diablo—it’s always best experienced with a headset on and with a friendly voice in your ear. Likewise, Godfall is best played with mates. 

Although it, unfortunately, doesn’t support couch co-op for similarly-aboded sibling warriors, Godfall does support online co-op for up to three players and handles partying up all through the main hub, the Sanctum. It doesn’t support matchmaking so you’d better bring friends along but it remains a quick and easy way to pull a team together and get to cracking heads. 


As for loot, there’ll be no squabbling or fighting over the game’s many treasures. Godfall instances loot on a per-player basis, meaning what’s yours is yours and what’s theirs is theirs. 

Let’s face it, disagreements over spoils in games like this can be fierce so this is a wise choice!

Get A Sense Of It All

As with much of the PlayStation 5 launch line-up, Godfall makes a compelling case for support of the extremely popular DualSense controller. 

Anyone who has played through Astro’s Playroom to get a feel for the new grip probably knows exactly what to expect. The adaptive triggers and haptics help each weapon feel even more different than they already do through Counterplay’s design—Dual Blades are nimble and provide little resistance whereas weightier blades like the Broadsword do become a bit slower to swing and feel more taxing. 


It’s a nice little touch that adds a little extra layer to how satisfying the game’s combat feels. The controller’s haptics also respond to the different surfaces knights will travel on in Godfall, which also helps in cementing a real sense of place for the game’s world through subtle feedback.  


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