Biomutant Finally Has A Release Date But No Next Gen Version Just Yet

It’s finally happening! First announced in 2017, THQ Nordic’s biggest game, Biomutant, has a release date.

Announced overnight via Twitter, the publisher confirmed that Biomutant would be releasing on May 25th 2021.

Interestingly, no information was revealed for Xbox Series S|X or Playstation 5 versions, though presumably, the old gen versions will perform better on the new consoles.

Biomutant is described as a “post-apocalyptic Kung Fu fable” that takes place in an open world and lets you customise your DNA and mutate it to create new abilities and skills. It’s all a bit weird but sounds intriguing.

Of course, if you’re keen on an exorbitant collector’s edition, that’s already available to preorder too.

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