SOURCE: WellPlayed

The PS5 Store Finally Has A Deals Section

The PS5 store as well as the new web store are both much better looking than their older counterparts, but have less functionality than they did on the PS4 and the web store of old.

This is particularly true for the PS5 store, which loads instantly and is better integrated into the PS5 UI but has lacked basic features such as having a deals section and just generally making it a lot harder to find what you want from an exploration point of view.

That is until now. As noticed by Well Played, a deals section was sneakily added earlier today. This showcases deal categories, which at the moment includes a Remasters and Retro sale with up to 75% off certain games, as well as PlayStation Plus discounts and the like.

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You can also find it on the web version of the store, although fundamental features such as being able to sort from cheapest to most expensive, or sorting by platform still aren’t existent so hopefully they come at a future time.

Thanks, WellPlayed.