PS5 Faceplate

An Aussie Retailer Is Selling Custom PS5 Faceplates For Consoles/Controllers

We’ve seen a few of these companies come and go but Adelaide retailers OzPlay is creating both DualSense controller faceplates and will be selling PS5 faceplates in the near future.

The PS5 DualSense controller faceplates are currently being sold for $19.99 and have colours including royal blue, fire red, army green, retro gray and desert yellow. You can find them HERE.

We’ve already got our hands on a few of them and they seem to be good quality and snap onto the controller surprisingly easy.

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The PS5 faceplates will be in stock at the start of February and set you back $59.99. So far, they’re set to come in black, red and blue. You can find them HERE. 

PS5 Faceplates

In all honesty, I didn’t even really know that the DualSense controller faceplate came off, but it does super easily as seen in the video here.