Outriders PS5

The Outriders Demo Is Now Live On PS5

The Outriders demo has launched a little bit early on PS5, ahead of its release on PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC (which aren’t yet live at the time of writing but should be live at about 4am tomorrow morning). The size of the demo on PS5  is 18.5GB. It’s unclear if servers are live yet, but at least you can get the download started.

The demo is a little bit different to what we normally see prior to big releases. It’s actually the first three hours of the game and the demo will be available up until launch on April 1st and beyond. Any progress that you make in the game will be available in the main game when it releases. You’re able to play alone, with friends and there’s even supposed to be cross-play.

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You’ll be able to play through all four classes in the game: Pyromancer, Trickser, Devastator and Technomancer. You’ll get to play through the prologue, the first chapter and a side quest which is roughly three hours of content. In terms of caps, there are caps on how many resources you can collect, a level cap of 7 and a top difficulty of world tier 5.

So there you have it, go grab the Outriders demo. We’ll update this post when it’s live on other platforms and let us know what you think. This is the first time that we or anyone else is playing the game since we went hands-on exactly a year ago.