We Have A Better Idea Of How Deathloop Works Thanks To A New Trailer

Following a very showy but slightly vague showing at the State of Play last week, Bethesda has overnight dropped a brand new trailer for Deathloop explaining how it all works.

In it, director Dinga Bakaba takes to the camera to explain the general structure of Deathloop and how Julianna plays into it all.

The game will see you play as Colt, and, after waking up on the shores of Blackreef, you’ll be tasked with eliminating eight targets. They’re called the Visionaries – and each of them appears at different times across four major districts. You’ll have to work out a way to kill them all in a single loop.

While Deathloop allows you to make the most of the day, and repeat it until you’ve mastered the perfect run, it features no timers, so you can take your own time. The loop will only restart when Colt dies.

One of the visionaries is Julianna. She’s the more capable of the eight you’ll be hunting – and she’s either controlled by the AI or another player can invade your game while playing as her. Her task is simple – stop Colt from eliminating her colleagues using her own set of weapons and powers.

It’s a great three minutes that instills a lot more hope into me about how it’ll all work – but I can’t help but feel like this would’ve been a better choice at the State of Play to help people realise what Deathloop is all about.

Still, with Arkane’s knack for level design and the wealth of weapons and supernatural powers on display, Deathloop looks to be an exciting game with lots of freedom.

Deathloop launches on May 21st 2021 exclusively for PS5 and PC.

The exclusivity deal is in place for exactly a year, leaving the door open for an Xbox release after May 21st 2022.

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