Arkane Raised The Quality Of Deathloop To Make The Most Of The PlayStation 5’s Power

We recently spoke with Dinga Bakaba and Sébastien Mitton from Arkane Studios to learn more about Deathloop. Besides getting a detailed explanation of how exactly its unique time loop mechanic works, we learnt how the timed console-exclusive makes the most of the PlayStation 5.

With death and a rinse-repeat style of gameplay playing such a big role in the game, I queried the pair on the importance of the consoles fast load speeds, but was surprised to hear that the console’s power afforded the developers much more possibilities in improving the game.

“Fast loading is one that we’re pretty excited for,” replied Game Director, Dinga Bakaba, “loading into a map in a matter of seconds versus minutes on a PS4 for Dishonored.” 

“It helps you get into the loop of dying as a part of the gameplay and the story,” he notes, which is a pretty interesting reflection on how the technology has a direct influence on our experience of the story. 

However, even more interesting is how the extra power afforded by the latest generation opened up new prospects for the game’s quality.

“The PS5 is also quite a powerful machine right, so it helped the team not have to compromise at the later end of the project, which we normally have to do,” said Bakaba.

“This time we actually raised the quality at the later end of the project, which is rare in this industry.”

But it doesn’t stop there either.


Bakaba added, “same for all of our designers, the maps are quite dense and have sight lines that were completely not possible on the last generation and more NPCs in fights.”

“Overall, we are really happy with the hardware from this new generation,” continued Bakaba, “the PS5 is definitely a beast and it’s been something that has been quite a liberating force.”

I’m sure they’ll say the same about the Xbox Series X in due course.

Lastly, I was amazed to hear Bakaba didn’t yet have his own PS5, much like so many of us eagerly waiting on more stock.

“I don’t have a PS5 at home because it’s tough to get one,” admitted Bakaba, “but I have a dev kit and it’s true that as soon as I tried it, I was like this is a nice toy.”

Hopefully, PlayStation can hook him up in time for the game’s release.

Deathloop is out on PS5 and PC on May 21st. You can find our full interview with the team HERE.