The Division Heartland

The Division Heartland Is A Brand New Free-To-Play Game

Ubisoft announced that developers at Red Storm are hard at work on Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, slated for release later this year or possibly in 2022.

Ubisoft didn’t provide much more than that, unfortunately, but we do know that it’ll be a standalone title that won’t require experience or familiarity with previous titles in the franchise. It’ll be available on consoles, PC and cloud streaming services but we don’t yet know exactly what it’ll look like – whether it will be a battle royale, an action RPG or otherwise is still yet to be announced.

If you’re keen on testing the game at some point, Ubisoft didn’t tell us exactly when it’ll be available but they did tell us where you can find the registration form on their official website right here. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do to enter the chance to test Heartland is select your preferred platform, login to your Ubisoft account and click register.

Ubisoft slipped in another announcement, stating that there will also be a new Division game launching on mobile at a later date but they didn’t say any more than that.