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A New PS5 Model Has Appeared In Australian Stores

Last month we reported on the fact that the PS5 Digital Edition was set to get a slight upgrade becoming 300 grams lighter as well as include a new base stand screw that can be adjusted without using a screwdriver.

Oddly enough, an upgrade was never mentioned for the PS5 Disc Edition, but this looks to have also been updated in a similar fashion. We can confirm that all Australian PS5 stock that has landed in the country this week contains a new model number (CFI-1102A). I believe this makes us the first country to receive stock of this new model (either Digital or Disc).

New PS5

There is nothing about this model mentioned online, but we’ve been able to confirm with a purchaser that this new model does in-fact include the new screw that is able to be adjusted by hand (and doesn’t require a screwdriver) and although we can’t confirm at this moment, can assume that it is slightly lighter than the original PS5 model.

PS5 New Screw VS Old Screw

Sony has not yet confirmed the exact changes of this new model number, and as far as we can tell, these are the first of the new models arriving anywhere in the world. At the time of writing, we weren’t able to find the manual for the new model, but the manual for the digital edition can be found HERE detailing the changes.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s different about the internals in order to make the console lighter, and hopefully once some capable people get their hands on the console, they can pull it apart to see what’s changed, but for one, that screw being different is definitely helpful.

We’ll let you know if anything comes to light, for as far as we know, any PS5s being picked up in Australia should be this new model from here on out (unless stock comes from elsewhere). You can check your box in order to see if you have the new model (looks for CFI-1102A).