New PS5 Model

The Revised PS5 Model Has A Smaller Heatsink Potentially Resulting In Higher Operating Temperatures

Last week we broke the news that a revised PS5 model was hitting stores in Australia, before slowly making its way into other stores across the world.

We’ve now had our first teardown and comparison of the revised PS5 model versus the older model and now have confirmation in regards to the reason that the revised model weighs 300gm less.

The heatsink on the revised PS5 model is significantly smaller, with the base of the heat sink seemingly no longer being made of copper. This first investigation shows that the new console runs roughly 3-5 degrees hotter, although we’ll need to wait for more tests to see if this is conclusive.

Whilst we do know that Sony is now making money on each PS5 console sold (likely due to the cost saving measures taken here), it’s not yet clear whether the new heatsink solution will result in hotter temperatures. Whilst it’s likely that it was changed due to cost saving measures as well as being able to produce PS5 consoles more quickly, it is possible that Sony was over compensating with the heatsink solution that was in the original PS5 model.

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PS5 Heatsink
Original PS5 (left) and Revised PS5 (right)

The original heatsink weighed in at 1639 grams whilst the new one weighs in at 1368 grams which gives us the reason for the lower weight in the revised model. We can also see a slightly different fan, although it had been previously reported that Sony were using multiple fan types across the original PS5 model.

PS5 Heatsink

Obviously, we also get a closer look at the revised screw that we reported on last week, and that’s one thing that we know will be included on all PS5 consoles going forward.

It’ll be interesting to see reports from the likes of Digital Foundry and other trusted sources to get more conclusive results on how the structure changes affect things like noise and temperature (if at all).