Sony’s Bravia XR TV Line Will Be Upgrading From ‘Ready For PS5’ To ‘Perfect For PS5’

Sony has announced that it’s giving its Bravia XR line of TVs a huge boost when it comes to gaming on the PlayStation 5, with a new ‘Perfect for PlayStation®5’ branding that’s a step up from the existing ‘Ready for PlayStation®5’. This new moniker signifies that the TVs will be exclusively compatible with two new features coming to the PS5 – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping takes the guesswork out of calibrating your Bravia XR TV and PS5’s HDR settings by automatically optimising them during the PS5’s initial setup process based on the TV that you’re using, giving you the best HDR settings for that display.

Meanwhile, Auto Genre Picture Mode intelligently switches between the TV’s Game Mode and Standard Mode picture presets depending on whether you’re playing a game or watching movie content on your PS5 console.

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Both features are coming in an update by the end of January 2022, for the PlayStation 5 console itself as well as the compatible Sony TVs, which includes all of the Bravia XR range and the X85J, X80J and X90H models.

The entire range of Perfect for PlayStation 5 Sony TVs also include great features for new-game PlayStation gaming such as HDMI 2.1 input for 4K/120fps gaming as well as the low-latency Game Mode and the ability to switch both console and TV on with the DualSense controller.

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