Tiny Tina

The New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Trailer Reveals New Classes, Environments And More

2K and Gearbox have dropped another new Tiny Tina’s Wonderland trailer ahead of its March 25 release date. The trailer reveals new classes, new environments and new gameplay features, which you can read more about below.


  • Stabbomancers are sneaky, critical-hit-focused assassins who summon magic whirling blades to
    the battlefield and disappear into the shadows at will. They are all about creating and capitalizing
    on opportunities. The skillful Stabbomancer exploits foes’ weaknesses to stealthily strike vital
    targets to bring enemies down before they know what hit them;
  • Brr-Zerkers are tenacious, frost-infused bruisers who complement their firepower with an
    onslaught of brutal melee attacks. They are hardy warriors who hail from the frozen mountains,
    with a long line of ancestors who trained their bodies to withstand and even harness the bitter
    cold of icy winters. In battle, Brr-Zerkers prefer to do their fighting up close and personal, taking point on the front lines as a whirling maelstrom of exceptionally chilly death.


  • Brighthoof is the crown jewel of Queen Butt Stallion’s bodacious queendom and a beacon of
    light to all who yearn to bunker or be badass. Though diligently protected by the honored
    Diamond Guard, the capital city of the Wonderlands has (of-late) been brought low by nefarious
  • Butt Stallion’s Castle, Castle Sparklewithers, is brighter than the shiniest stars and more
    magical than the most majestic mages. The castle glows so brightly, the queendom is bathed in
    eternal light;
  • Sunfang Oasis seems like the ideal reprieve from the unrelenting heat of deserts in the
    Wonderlands, with its lush foliage, shimmering lagoons, and colossal ruins from civilizations long
    past. But unwary travelers lured in by these calming sights won’t notice the ever-nearing slither of
    the ferocious Coiled until it’s too late.
  • The Tangledrift beanstalk lifted up entire chunks of earth as its stem grew to pierce the heavens,
    creating an ecosystem unto itself high above the clouds. Some folks have adapted to this
    ludicrously lofty lifestyle and made the most of their surprise high-rise homes. But even towns in
    the sky aren’t out of harm’s reach