Huge Dreams Update Brings A Dungeon Crawling Adventure And Improved DreamShaping

Media Molecule has dropped a massive new update for their excellent game/creation suite, Dreams, with a hefty dose of new content and some major updates to its DreamShaping mode.

The first big addition in the Dreams 2.35/6 patch is Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, which is a brand-new adventure created by Media Molecule themselves that you can play inside Dreams. A challenging dungeon crawler filled with enemies and puzzles to conquer, Ancient Dangers can be played solo or via local co-op and even includes a scoreboard to keep players coming back for more.

Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale even includes new trophies to unlock and new imps to add to your collection.

Also included in the update is the introduction of DreamShaping 2.0, an overhaul to the existing mode that reworks the UI and introduces a number of templates and elements to ease new creators into making games and experiences faster and easier than ever.

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The templates cover genres such as 2D platformers, shoot-em-ups, dungeon crawlers and mini golf and form part of the new onboarding and creation UI tweaks.

Media Molecule has also adjust the inner workings of some of Dreams’ gadgets and functions when creating games, as well as various bug fixes.

There’s never been a better time to pick up Dreams either, it’s going for $21.98 (that’s 60% off!) right now on the PlayStation Store or $23 on Amazon!