Minecraft Videos Have Had Over One Trillion Views On YouTube

YouTube has announced that videos on the topic of the phenomenally-popular Minecraft have surpassed over a trillion total views – making it the first video game to reach the milestone.

To celebrate, YouTube launched a special website chronicling the game’s rise to video fame and revealing some incredibly interesting facts about how Minecraft videos and those that watch them have changed and grown over the 12 years since the game launched.

“If each of those one trillion views were just one second long, that would add up to over 30,000 years. If each view were a Minecraft block 12 inches square, you could build a stack that reached from the Earth to the sun and back — with about seven million miles to spare,” reads the website’s introduction, which is a ridiculous statistic and puts into perspective the sheer cultural phenomenon that Minecraft has been.

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Check out an adorable video created in celebration: