PS3 Games Are Appearing On The PS5 PlayStation Store

There’s been rumours circulating recently that PS3 games are set to come to the PS5 through backwards compatibility, due to a patent that was filed by PS5 system architect Mark Cerny.

Rumours have well and truly ramped up today, after a few PS3 games started appearing on the PS5 PlayStation Store earlier today, including Dead or Alive 5, Bejewled 3 and Prince of Persia.

Right now. those outside of Australia can stream PS3 games through PlayStation Now, with this service set to relaunch to be a better competitor to Xbox Game Pass in the coming months with several payment tiers (one that includes PS3 games).

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The tiers that have been rumoured are as follow:

The first tier would be similar to what PlayStation Plus is now (offering a few monthly free games), with the second tier offering a large catalogue of PS4 and PS5 games (presumably expanding on the PlayStation Plus collection). The third tier would include the previously mentioned inclusions as well as a library of PS1, PS2, PS3 & PSP games as well as extended demos and game streaming.

Obviously, PS3 games on the PS5 would be a huge deal. Titles such as the inFAMOUS games, several Ratchet & Clank games, the Resistance games among many others are currently not able to be played on the PS5 or PS4.

It’s unclear if an announcement of this could be imminent or if it’s still months away, but there’s no doubt that Sony is looking at ways to bolster an Xbox Game Pass competitor and this could very well be apart of that.