Fortnite Building

Fortnite Has Removed Building For The First Time Ever In Its New Chapter

Overnight, Fortnite has launched an all-new story trailer detailing the events of chapter 3 of the game’s Season 2, known as “Resistance”. You can check it out in full below:

In the trailer, we see that IO commander Dr Slone has a mysterious new device that wields power to wipe out all player-built structures from the map. I think it would be pretty cool if this were the sort of device that players could find and use in-game during a match, but instead, the appearance of the device has led to a much more drastic turn of events…building in Fortnite has now completely vanished. Yep, without the ability to build structures from scrap, players will now have to focus on utilising the weapons and tools and their disposal, as well as the new movement mechanics (namely parkouring and mantling) in order to best their opponents and survive the Battle Royale.

The absence of building will make the first week of chapter 3 extremely interesting, in my opinion, as long players will no longer be able to rely on strategies they will have been refining for months or even years. Many players are looking forward to the new Chapter, predicting that it will level the playing field (quite literally) between seasoned players and players who are familiar with the FPS or Battle Royale formula but have yet to master the building aspect of the game.

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Chapter 3, Season 2 has already commenced, and you can log in now to check out the new storyline, features and more, including the addition of Dr Strange to the current Battle Pass.

In addition, if you’re thinking about investing in the Battle Pass, it’s worth noting that Epic Games will be donating Fornite’s proceeds to Ukraine for the next two weeks to assist with humanitarian relief efforts.