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Playstation Cloud Streaming Has Been Expanded To More Countries But Aussies Still Miss Out

Stream dreams shattered!

Alongside the reveal of the rollout schedule for the new, tiered PlayStation Plus subscription, Sony has announced that it’s expanding the reach of its cloud streaming services to more countries. This means that the areas now included will have access to the full breadth of the PS3 game streaming library included in the top tier of the new service, called PlayStation Plus Premium.

As per the PlayStation Blog:

Additionally, we’re also expanding our cloud streaming access to the following locations for a total of 30 markets with cloud streaming access**. The following markets will also offer the Premium tier from PlayStation Plus at launch: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

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While this is obviously great news for players in those countries, it’s another blow to Australia gamers who are still unable to access PlayStation’s streaming services and thus won’t be able to tap into the PS3 game library when the new PS+ launches. Instead, we’ll have a slightly modified Premium tier called Deluxe, which is set to be slightly cheaper to accommodate the omission of streaming.

You can read more about the release schedule for PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Deluxe here.