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It Looks Like Dino Crisis Is Also Coming To The New PlayStation Plus Deluxe Subscription

Something's been dug up!

The new PlayStation Plus subscription tiers have started to roll out in Asia territories, which means more and more information on the new service’s features and game library is trickling through every day.

While we’ve already published a full list of the titles that have currently launched in these territories, eagle-eyed users have spotted an odd detail in the store’s menus dedicated to the new tiers. Twitter user DarkClong tweeted an image of the menu on their PS5 console which curiously features art of Regina, the main character of Dino Crisis. While Dino Crisis hasn’t been announced as a classic title coming to the Deluxe/Premium PS+ tier, it would seem it’s definitely on the cards.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on this one as new games continue to be added to PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium leading up to and after it launches in Australia on June 22nd.