The Callisto Protocol Is No Longer Part Of The PUBG Universe

One of the most curious things that emerged from the reveal of The Callisto Protocol was the claim that it would be apart of the PUBG universe, despite a clear and stark difference in tone and concept.

This morning on Twitter, the game’s lead Glen Schofield, the mind responsible for the Dead Space series serving as a big inspiration for the upcoming horror title, went on to confirm that while this was the case at one point, The Callisto Protocol is now very much its own thing.

Schofield did say the game would still contain little surprises for fans of PUBG but that The Callisto Protocol very much is its own story and world, which is encouraging for horror fans hoping for something to carry the genre forward.

Most recently, Schofield also promised that a first look at the game wouldn’t be far away, leading many to believe we might see gameplay at Summer Games Fest.