PS5 pro Controller

An Official PS5 Pro Controller Is Apparently On The Way

Flappy paddles!

In a report from Try Hard Guides via the way of Tom Henderson, Sony is apparently hard at work on a “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5, which is interesting at a time when the company is expected to reveal new hardware in the coming weeks.

Much like Xbox’s Elite controller, which is marketed for hardcore gamers, the controller is set to include removable analogue sticks, trigger stops, and rear paddles. The controller is apparently codenamed “Hunt”, although it’s unknown when exactly it’ll be revealed.

Images of the prototype we supplied to Try Hard Guides, although they weren’t published under an agreement with the source.

According to their report, the controller “keeps the classic PlayStation 5 style but shows a few key differences. One of the biggest changes is buttons under the analog sticks, which allow you to completely remove the analog sticks and their components.”

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Being able to replace the stick unit in one fell swoop will be good for those who eventually do come to suffer from stick drift, which seems like a good bit of forethought from a design standpoint.

The controller is also said to feature removable grips.

The report closes by saying the source didn’t know exactly when the controller might be revealed, they only assumed that it “should be soon”. So it sounds like it’s unknown whether the supposed pro controller might tie into Sony’s plans to reveal new hardware at the end of the month.