Stray PlayStation Plus

Stray Is Now Available For PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe Members So Get Meowing

Become the cat.

Stray was one of the first PS5 games announced, and obviously took the internet by storm with the game’s premise revolving around playing as a cat, and after years, it’s now finally available to download.

PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe members can download the game for free, otherwise its a $39.95 purchase. You can grab it HERE.

If you’re wanting a physical version, it’s available on Amazon (for a September release) for $59.

We gave the game a 9/10 in our review and said: “Stray is a brisk and relentlessly charming adventure that offers a very unique window into a gorgeous sci-fi world. It won’t challenge your mind or your reflexes too much but it’ll absolutely delight your senses. Importantly, it’s a video game with a dedicated ‘meow’ button, and what could possibly be better than that?”