God Of War Ragnarok Svartalfheim Realm

Our First Look At God Of War Ragnarok’s New Svartalfheim Realm Has Arrived

New gameplay footage!

The original God of War only had six of its nine realms explorable, but God of War Ragnarok is set to change that with all nine explorable, with the original six also set to be feel new again.

In Game Informer’s latest video, we get a new look at Svartalfeim, which is a realm that exemplifies dwarven ingenuity and looks to be quite different to anything we saw in the original God of War.

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The video is extremely gorgeous, but very brief, but shows off the vastness we can expect to see in God of War: Ragnarok.


God of War Ragnarok launches on November 9th. You can grab the PS5 version for $98 with free delivery and the PS4 version for $78 with free delivery.